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10 inspirational experts who’ve done what you dream of

Ashley Ambirge_WorldetteAsh Ambirge is founder of The Middle Finger Project, a marketing company “doing business and life differently.” She shares how to bounce back from nothing, do it your way and how to run a seven-figure biz from your laptop (in Costa Rica!) Amy Scott_Nomadtopia_Worldette-1Amy Scott is founder of Nomadtopia, an online community teaching others to live location independent. She shares that it is possible to create the nomadic lifestyle you dream of and how to earn an income when on the road.
Nora Dunn_WorldetteNora Dunn is The Professional Hobo, an expert helping people live their dreams of traveling the world and sustaining their income.  She shares how to to stay financially successful while traveling the world. CatherineJustCatherine Just is a photographer and founder of the Soul*Full Summit she shares how we can support worthy causes using the tools we have and that making a difference can be done from home.
Heather Greenwood Davis_WorldetteHeather Greenwood Davis is Globetrotting Mama. She and her family are currently on a one year journey to six continents and twenty nine countries. She shares how to successfully manage a career while traveling the world as a family. Geetha Murali_WorldetteDr. Geetha Murali is Chief Development Officer at Room to Read, a global organization that focuses on literacy and gender equality in education.
She shares how we can have a positive impact on the world through educating and empowering girls.
katya-barry_worldetteKatya Barry is an international success advisor who helps women thrive while adjusting to life overseas. She shares how to adapt to cultural differences in a new country and how to use being an expat to your career advantage. Christine Ka'aloa_WorldetteChristine Ka’aloa is GRRRL Traveler, solo traveler and TV producer who also lived in South Korea for a year. She shares what ‘home’ means and how to remain free spirited and feeling global when not traveling.
navjit-kandola_worldetteNavjit Kandola is a life strategist and founder of Tenderlogic. She shares how location can have a profound effect on your own experience of the world, and how our own cultural background does not have to define who you are today. alicia cowen_worldetteAlicia Cowen is a social media marketing expert.
Last year, after joining the Worldette Party, Alicia took action and now runs a location free business between her home in London and her new house in Ibiza! She shares how she made it happen.

In this six-day party you’re going to learn:


  • why money does not have to hold you back from more trips and vacations
  • why having children does not put your travel plans on hold
  • how to set up a location-free business
  • why scheduling travel into your life is vital for your well being
  • why you no longer need to ask for permission to get out in the world

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Our Worldette Kiva Team has a goal of $5,000 we plan to reach through giving Kiva loan donations to help fight poverty.

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